Little Bear RV Rental TM   

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Class C THor Elite 23H

Rates and Fees
 Detailed Cost
Cost Per Day
135 (December - February) per Day
165 (March - November) per Day
 125 Miles / Day (plus .35 per mile over)
 3 Hours per night (Plus 3 USD per hour over)
 15 dollar per day (if allowed)
 Cabin Cleaning Fee (if not cleaned upon return)
 (Must be cleaned inside and out)
 125.00 USD
 Dumping Fee (if not dumped upon return)
 75.00 USD
 LPG Gas (if not refilled)
 35.00 Service plus fuel cost
 1000.00 USD

RV Rules for Fun

At Little Bear RV we feel like holding on to deposits are like playing a game of hot potato and it makes us happy to send them right back to you.  For a full deposit, just make sure the gas (gas and propane) tank has been tippity topped off, the poo is gone, the and the RV is clean just as it was when it left.


Each RV is equipped with a powerful Eureka plug in vacuum and cleaning bucket with disinfectant and rags.  Make sure the carpet is vacuumed and all surfaces have been wiped clean.  Stains in the carpet easily come up by just wiping them with a wet soapy rag, so don't worry!  Because the vacuum needs AC, make sure the generator is running.


Dumping is done at the most campsites, however if your forget you can always dump at Manteca Trailer and RV just located off of 99 and 120, right where you get off to return the RV.


Propane can also be refilled at Manteca RV, however you can also find some hardware stores or even RV centers to refill for you.  Most refills cost about 20 bucks.