Little Bear RV Rental TM   

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Getting Started with your RV rental

Step 1:  Text or call at (209) 914-2619 to make a reservation.

Step 2:  If the dates are available, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the fully refundable deposit along with the total cost.  Please note that cancellations made in less than two week prior to departure will not be credited.  This is because others will be turned away for the days you have requested.

Step 3:  You will need binder insurance.  If you have State Farm or Farmers insurance this will be a piece of cake.  Just send them the binder insurance form to you insurance agent.  Email the form back to

Step 4:  Please complete the renters contact which is found in the forms below.  Email the forms back to

Step 5:  Email a photo of your drivers license to

Step 6:  We will send you the location of your RV and rental codes.  Our RVs are in secured storage, so just drive in, park your car, and enjoy the trip.

Trouble Shooting Insurance:

Getting insurance may be tricky for those who have providers like Geico. In some cases, here is the easiest and cheapest route outside of buying insurance for 30 dollars per day.  The trick is to take one car and place it on State Farm Insurance.  Next, send them the insurance binder request form.  This will take 15 minutes and cost about 100 dollars less not to mention you will most likely now have better and cheaper insurance than your current provider.  We find that 50% of our customers have State Farm.